MMOexp Madden 24 Season 6: Draft season is here

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MMOexp Madden 24 Season 6: Draft season is here

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The Madden 24 life cycle might be coming to Mut 24 Coins an end, but EA Sports still has new content to introduce, and most of it was introduced in Season 6, which has just arrived at MUT.

This is expected to be the last major content drop of Madden 24, with Season 6 introducing a new Field Pass, a new program, and a plethora of rewards.

So let's find out everything about Season 6.

Season 6 release date
Season 6 arrived at Madden 24 on Wednesday 17 April at around 9am PT/ 5pm BST, and it brought a lot of content with it.

All of the content Season 6 introduced to MUT was revealed in the Good Morning Madden stream of April 16, which took place at 7pm ET/12am BST.

So let's take a look at all the content Season 6 brought us.

Season 6 rewards
Like all the previous Madden 24 seasons, Season 6 introduced a new Field Pass with 50 levels. This new Field Pass allows players to earn plenty of rewards such as XP, coins, packs, and more.

There are four players in the Season 6 Field Pass users can earn, but this time they will only be available via sets. To earn them, you need to collect the tokens in the Field Pass, and then exchange them for the player you want.

The players are:

99 OVR Lane Johnson - RT - Eagles
99 OVR Harrison Smith - SS - Vikings
99 OVR Bobby Wagner - MLB - Commanders
99 OVR Drew Brees - QB - Saints
The base cards of these players are 97 OVR, but there are upgrade tokens you can earn in the Field Pass that when equipped will boost them to their final 99 OVR.

Season 6 also gives a welcome pack containing a Demarcus Lawrence card players can upgrade to a 99 OVR. To upgrade him players need to get the upgrade tokens in the Season 6 Field Pass.

It's also worth noting that, instead of daily milestones Season 6 has daily boosted objectives which provide players with XP and other types of boosts.


Season 6 will also bring new programs to MUT, with one of them being the NFL Draft program. With the NFL Draft just around the corner, this program will be the main program of Season 6, introducing some great cards and entertaining challenges.

Another program that will arrive at MUT during Season 6 is the Theme Team All Stars program. This program will allow users to earn player items from all the NFL teams that can then be upgraded to 99 OVR.

The AANHPI Heritage program is also coming to Buy Madden nfl 24 Coins in Season 6, and it celebrates the history of players such as Josh Jacobs, Talanoa Hufanga, and Younghoe Koo.