NBA 2K23 is set to launch on September 9 and despite not being released

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NBA 2K23 is set to launch on September 9 and despite not being released

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NBA 2K23 players have noticed that Herschel "Dr. Disrespect Beahm's an appearance as a surprise player in the game.Along with other massive 2022 game launches NBA 2K Coins, NBA 2K23 is set to launch on September 9 and despite not being released just yet, fans have already spotted the 2x champion in the game.Dr Disrespect has been known to love basketball, frequently talking regarding his vertical leap, as well as his time competing in NCAA Division II Basketball at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

While the famous YouTube creator has been making and working on their own game, "DEADROP, it seems he has also been working to 2K Games, as fans spot elements of the characters in-game.The Doc teased his appearance in NBA 2K23 on September 8 in a tweet, stating "hearing several rumors about the Two-Time. No matter what, see you in game tomorrow... literally," fans have now been able to spot his iconic shirt and more during the game.

What appears to be a part of NBA 2K23's Seasonal Pass, players can receive Dr. Disrespect's cosmetics which include the "Black Steel Mullet + headphones" at Tier 8 as well as his "Showtime Vest" located at Tier 32.This is quite hilarious, and there's no doubt of players walking around at My Park and City wearing the Doc's clothing, with one comment under Dexerto's post reading "HECK Yes! !"

Since Dr Disrespect is a major player of the FPS game, some might be surprised or confused by this collaboration, but followers of his will recognize that he's played sports since he was an kid.In fact one of the reasons the Doc calls himself the 2x Champion is because it was his turn to win back-to back NBA Jam tournaments in 1993 and 1994, and the collab seems fitting.

NBA 2K23 has been recently released for all major platforms, such as Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game was met with a lot of excitement by players Cheap NBA 2K23 MT, due to a variety of new features as well as modernized technical features such as graphics. Aside from some minor glitches however, the game has generally been bug-free thus far.